What we do

Let’s start with our basic mozzarella & tomato pizza which is the most popular pizza demanded in foodservice.

Firstly the dough. We only use strong flour with a high protein content. To give a good source of flavour and texture we slowly ferment a batter like dough the day before we make our doughballs.

When the doughballs are made and flattened they receive a further rest time to allow the pizzas to Rise giving superior lightness and further flavour to the pizza .

Then our special Tomato. We take quality crushed tomatoes as the base for our own recipe of pizza sauce. We then add a few simple ingredients :oregano, garlic, oil , salt and pepper to create what is The distinctive flavour of Cosmo’s pizza sauce.

All that remains is to add 100% pure mozzarella cheese.

Our round pizzas are available white or brown in sizes 6 inch 9 inch and 11 inch


In foodservice customers demand ever changing menu ideas. With pizza this relates mainly to new creations for what goes on top of pizza. Rather than offer a range we prefer to make what our customers demand . As we hand finish our pizzas we ask that you contact us discuss your requirement.

The PIZZINI pizza (Trademarked) “ A Unique hand held Calzone style pizza”

The PIZZINI pizza was developed primarily for the education sector but is suitable for a multitude of grab and go operations. Using the same simple ingredients as our normal round pizzas the PIZZINI pizza is an excellent hand held option. Available in  Brown or white filling options are “ Mozzarella and Tomato” or “Ham & Cheese.  Cosmo’s will soon be working on new fillings so please don’t hesitate to call us if you have a particular filling in mind.

The PIZZINI pizza comes with a special 2 ply patented hot bag. The bag is perforated and designed to allow the hot PIZZINI pizza to remain crisp for a period of time.