One of the biggest unanswered questions in food history, which is better, pizza or calzone? Well, I’m going to weigh up the advantages of both and find out which is the superior of the two.


Pizza lying on chopping board

Loved the World Over

Pizza is known by everyone in the world and if you don’t like the taste of pizza then you may need to contact your doctor…! A pizza consists of a dough base, and whether that’s thick or thin, it is usually galvanised in a tomato sauce and then coated with toppings like pepperoni, cheese, anchovies, peppers, you name it! One of our pizzas even has haggis on it!

Your Flexible Friend

Pizza is very versatile as it can be eaten in a variety of ways. On the move, by the slice, hot from a box after a night out on the town, or by all the family gathered round the table for Pizza Night! One of the best things about pizza is that it’s the ideal food to eat using your hands!


Calzone presented beside a pizza cutter and various herbs

Inside Out

A calzone is actually a type of pizza, but the big difference is it’s inside out! The dough is on the outside and the “toppings” are inside the calzone making it a completely different experience from eating a pizza. (I guess you shouldn’t really call them toppings considering they’re inside; maybe they should be called something like ‘inside-ings’?!)

The Calzone Challenge

While every bit as tasty as a regular pizza, there is one feature of the calzone that some people may find disturbing… Unlike pizza which you traditionally eat with your hands, some calzones are so massive you need cutlery to eat them. Shocking I know, but not necessarily an insurmountable challenge (it just means you need a knife and fork at hand).

The Verdict

I’ve given this issue a lot of thought and the conclusion I’ve come to is that if you’re a true pizza lover then you’ll struggle to choose between a regular pizza and a calzone! It’s all just a matter of choosing the right pizza for the right circumstances…

Our Cosmo’s pizzas fit the bill for any occasion – pick one (or five) up at your local Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Buon Appetito!