Over the last couple of weeks there has been two names in everyone’s mouths, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We all know by now who ended up winning the American Presidency election but do you who out of all the candidates who spent the most of Pizza in their campaigns? Well you’re going to find out now!

Now let’s start from the bottom. Carly Fiorina was one of the candidates who ran for president and her campaign spent a measly $0 on Pizza! A candidate who doesn’t spend or like Pizza could be no president for us!

This one may surprise you as we all know Donald Trump likes his pizza, he was once in a Dominos Pizza advert. However even if the man himself likes his pizza, his campaigning team don’t all agree. Donald Trump’s campaign only spent $1,233 on Pizza and he ended up winning the entire election, how did it come to this?!

The man known as “the man of the people” definitely likes his pizza more than Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders spent way over double of what Donald Trump spent on Pizza, $3,354! However maybe if Sanders had spent as much as the next candidate he would have gotten further in the election…

And last and certainly not least, Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton absolutely blew everyone out the water when it came to her campaign spending money on Pizza. Clinton and her campaign spent a whopping $9,046 on Pizza during her campaign which is truly amazing!

At the end of the day, Trump won the election and the rest of the candidates didn’t win. But putting all politics aside, we all found out something new, Hillary Clinton loves her Pizza!