We all love pizza, so does it surprise you that there is a whole month dedicated to it? To celebrate National Pizza Month, here are some really interesting facts about the beloved Pizza!

Boys will be boys

In America, pizza is adored across all of the fifty states, so this stat may not be a shock to you. More than one out of four boys in America between the ages of six and nineteen eat pizza at least once a day, everyday. Sounds like a good diet to me! 

How much?!

When you hear the price of Renato Viola’s “Pizza Louis XIII” you will be left absolutely gobsmacked. Before I tell you the price, I’ll tell you what you’re getting for your money as you’re getting more than just a pizza. The making of the pizza is all done at your house and the preparation of the pizza contains the presence of a sous chef, a sommelier and then finally, Chef Renato Viola himself. Now, for the pizza itself. The pizza has toppings like Mediterranean Lobster, red prawns, sea cicada and three different types of caviar! Sounds like eight inches of delight, however, it does cost a whopping $12,000. So if you’re interested in giving it a try, you may have a bit of saving to do.

That’s a lot of Pizza!

As I have said previously, Americans do love their pizza. In America, Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a day. That’s 350 slices per second! Only if I could eat that much! Another fact about the sheer amount Pizza that people eat is that 5 billion pizzas are sold annually across the world, 3 billion of those pizzas sold are sold in the USA.

In conclusion, pizza is loved world wide. People are willing to pay thousands for its indescribable taste and others are willing to eat the Italian delicacy everyday for every meal as it just that good. No wonder pizza has its own month, it’s loved globally and deserves it.