Right in the centre of Italy is Tuscany, a region boasting beautiful countryside, a stunning coastline and the bustling city of Florence. People visit Tuscany for many reasons; some for the fine art, some for the countryside, and others for the delicious gourmet dinners and wine the region has to offer.

Simple yet delicious

Traditional Tuscan cooking is based on fresh and simple ingredients, with dishes consistently featuring legumes, vegetables, fruit and cheese. Meals tend to be easy to prepare and using little ingredients.

A typical starter in Tuscany is Crostini di fegato, warm Tuscan bread with a sauce made from chicken liver and broth. Across the region you will often find families cooking big pots of the sauce to share and snack on. Another typical starter is Antipasto Toscano, a board full of various meats and cheeses.


Speaking of meat, Tuscan people do not like to waste and thus make use of every part of the animal that they can. Take for example Lampredotto, a typical streetfood which is the fourth stomach of the cow, cooked in broth. A traditional dish like this may startle some visitors to the region, but they can rest assured there is a traditional dish for everyone. For example the popular bruschetta, drizzled in olive oil is a favourite amongst the Tuscan people.

As using up all ingredients is important, you will find that Panzanella is a common staple meal – a summer bread salad with sun-ripened vegetables. There is also Riboliita, a vegetable and bread soup, and Pappa al Pomodoro, a tomato and bread soup.

To end a meal, you will find Cantucci, an almond biscuit made from scratch, commonly enjoyed with a glass of digestive liqueur.


Have you been wined and dined in Tuscany? Let us know what food was your favourite!