Right in the heart of the North-East Italy is Trentino Alto Adige, a region stretching right across the Dolomite Alps. Here is where you’ll find one of the most unique authentic Italian cuisines in the country, due to its location right next to neighbouring countries of Austria and Germany.

Trentino Alto Adige is mostly covered by snowy mountains, but also is home to many lakes and valleys, making this region an ideal place for growing fruit and producing dairy.

Trentino Alto Adige uses a combination of its Italian heritage and Germanic roots to create a very interesting blend of cuisines…


Natural home-grown ingredients

The main ingredients which make up the vast majority of delectable Trentino Alto Adige cuisine include potatoes, mushrooms, apples, dumplings, rich cheese, sausages and freshwater fish. Interestingly another staple food here is Polenta, using potatoes or buckwheat rather than cornmeal, often served with wild game, mushrooms, butter and cheese.

Due to the long Winters in this region, food preservation is very important. You will often find long-lasting breads, smoked sausages and cheeses and fermented vegetables in order to maintain the delicious and flavoursome dining throughout the year.


Meat, meat and more meat!

Due to the mountainous terrain and forests across the region, another main ingredient is meat. Many different kinds are favoured here – rabbit, venison and mountain goat, to name a few. Poultry and pork are often raised at home. Meat is often used in filling soups, tripe, goulash, beef is sliced and sauteed in butter, and trout is served with lemon and clove flavoured white wine.


A unique accompaniment

Something which makes Trentino Alto Adige differ hugely from its Italian cousins is the chosen drink to accompany their dishes. Rather than wine, the locals here opt for beer, a favoured accompaniment which can be traced back to their Germanic roots.


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