We all know pizza is one of those meals which are quick, easy and satisfying, but sometimes we need to mix things up and be creative. Have you ever thought about combining our cheese pizzas with your imagination? Here’s a few ideas to wake up your palette and also get your 5 a day, using Cosmo’s Margherita pizza as the base.

Bacon + mango

Combining the household fry up favourite with the sweet, rich flavour of mango is certainly one to make your taste buds dance!

Red berries + prosciutto

This combination will provide you with some vitamin C, as well as a good dose of protein and iron.

Raspberry + brie

We think the sweet flavour of raspberries go seamlessly with the creamy, silky texture of brie.

Caramelised onion + apple

We think the sweet and salty taste of the caramelised onion matches perfectly with the tangy taste of the apple – and it’s rich in antioxidants too!

Blackberry + goats cheese

The soft texture of the blackberry blends well with the smooth, mild flavour of the goats’ cheese.

What topping combinations do you recommend? Let us know on Twitter at @cosmos_pizzas