As the weather transitions slightly from cold to almost uncomfortably warm, Al Fresco dining is finally becoming a reality. As pizza lovers, we sometimes find the classic burger BBQ a little bit dull. So why not ditch the buns and opt for a pizza outside instead! Let’s have our dinner outside the Italian way.

Until outdoor pizza ovens are a standard household item (yes, these are a thing we ALL need to have in our lives!) Cosmos has a few alternatives to make your BBQ a success. As much as we love the traditional Italian pizza, we sometimes like to spice things up for an occasion like this.

First off, we have our Pizza Uno. Pizza fingers, ready for you to pop out onto the table for your guests to have a quick bite. And what’s more, we have our pizzinis – mini pizza pockets with cheese, or cheese and ham, ready for you to quickly cook and pass around.

Pair with some summer salad and a glass of wine and you’re good to go this summer.

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