Spring is all about new life, with a freshness in the air and even the weather showing a slight improvement. With our background, you’ll find it easy to believe that we spend most of our time in the kitchen. The Cosmo’s team have compiled their top tips for getting your kitchen ready for Spring.

Fresh ingredients

Spring is the best time to fill your kitchen with seasonal, local produce. We’ve always believed in using only the freshest of ingredients on our pizzas; not only does it make cooking more enjoyable, the end result is simply delicious!

Spring clear out

If it hasn’t been used in the past three months, the chances are it’s just taking up space! Don’t hold onto things too tight; everyone loves a clear kitchen space to work in.

Spring cleaning

At Cosmo’s we like our kitchen space to be spotless and attention to detail helps us keep it that way. The key to this is not to rush it and to clean regularly rather than saving it all for ‘another time’.

Full of life

Make the most of the brighter days by injecting some life to your kitchen! Whether that’s a vase of fresh flowers on the table, or perhaps growing your own herbs on the windowsill, or simply by throwing a brightly coloured tablecloth into the mix, it can make all the difference!

We hope you have a marvellous Spring! If you have any tips to share, join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter! We’d love to hear from you.