Whether you’re looking for a gift for Mother’s day, the perfect birthday present or you’re kitting out your kitchen, we’ve scoured the internet to put together the ultimate toolkit for pizza lovers. From the practical to the just plain cool, everyone should have these pizza tools in their life.

Pizza board

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to slice a pizza on a plate. Nothing. With this perfectly sized (and shaped) chopping board that even has portion control you can slice with ease, whatever your cutting utensil.


Pizza cutter

This snazzy pizza cutter is not only the height of practicality, it looks pretty good too. You can feel the power of the blade as you slice through that mouth-watering haggis pizza; only the mightiest of tools do this dinner justice!


Pizza scissors

If the above just isn’t cutting it for you, these pizza scissors are cutter and server in one, making that all-important time between oven and mouth that little bit shorter.


Stonebake pizza oven

A tabletop masterpiece, this stonebake pizza oven allows you to bake your pizzas to absolute perfection at home. The Cosmo’s Pizzas range can all be cooked in here too!


Outdoor oven

For the adventurers and barbeque fanatics out there, check out this fantastic piece of pizza kit! A mobile outdoor oven with the power and cooking perfection of an indoor oven, enjoy your favourite slice in the great outdoors for camping trips, family barbeques… wherever your heart takes you!


Pizza paddle

One of the common trials and tribulations (and causes for a great number of burns and pizza-covered floors) is the task of getting the pizza out of the oven! Whilst the pizza paddle is commonly used in professional kitchens, a short-handled version is perfect for retrieving your hot pizza safely (and it looks pretty cool in the kitchen).


Microwave Pizza Pan

For the re-heaters, say goodbye to soggy crusts forever with a microwave pizza pan. You can wake up in the morning and have leftover pizza that tastes completely fresh with this ingenious invention!


Pizza apron

Now you have all the tools for the job, it’s time to look the part!


If you’re feeling creative, try adding your own toppings to our cheese and tomato pizza; providing you with a delicious base (not to mention the secret recipe tomato sauce) to craft your own pizza masterpiece!