There are a number of weird and wonderful ways in which people consume pizza. Maybe it’s a family thing? Or perhaps it’s wrapped up in the inner workings of your brain? Maybe it’s evolved over time as you’ve experimented with different techniques? Whatever the reason, the almighty pizza certainly prompts a dining discussion!

Knife and fork

It may seem strange when the pizza is basically designed to minimize dishes, but we have on occasion witnessed this level of neatness at the table. Is this a demonstration of basic table manners or just plain strange?

Crust first

We are yet to pinpoint exactly why crust-firsters have adopted this technique, but they are out there. Do you enjoy scoffing the crust before even getting a taste of those tempting toppings?

The classic crust handle

The crust, whilst delicious, also has a practical use as a handle, keeping your hands clean as you tuck into your slice. Nothing beats the classic, surely?

Toppings first

Yes, these people do exist, scraping off the toppings with a fork before enjoying the saucy base. Unusual doesn’t begin to describe this bizarre eating technique!

The nibbler

Some pizza eaters adopt a technique not dissimilar to that of a squirrel, nibbling the edge of their slice slowly but frequently. This, we must admit, would allow you to savor the taste but you may have to forfeit that extra slice.

Fold in half

The calzone-style technique saves time but does tend to get a little messy, with delicious toppings oozing out of the sides faster than you can catch them. Barbaric or efficient, you be the judge.

The big biter

A handful of pizza eaters see biting off more than they can chew as a challenge, tearing off over half the slice in one bite. Again, this may save some time and win the race to that last slice, but does it allow you to truly enjoy the pizza goodness?

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