As far as Birthday party themes go, pizza isn’t a bad one! We’re planning a family birthday of our own at Cosmo’s and thought we’d share some ideas for the ultimate pizza party.

The Entertainment

Alongside pizza themed games such as pin the pepperoni on the pizza, meatball race (like the egg and spoon but tastier), and the classic hot tomato, guests can also get creative with the cooking! Not only is it one less thing for you to do, it’s all part of the fun. All you need is a selection of toppings, from the classics to the more unusual, and a few of our Margherita pizzas so you don’t have the stress of making everything from scratch.

The Prizes

If you’re playing games, there must be prizes! You can get anything from pizza jelly sweets to recipe books, depending on the age of the guests, in high street shops and supermarkets. If you’re feeling extra quirky, there are so many pizza-themed accessories available online, from personalised pizza cutters to pizza slice necklaces. It’s a party theme with many options to say the least!

The Decoration

There are two main ways to go here: either cover the walls with all things Italian or transform the room into a classic pizzeria. Whichever way you choose to go, get the flags up and top it off with some green, white and red balloons!

The Costume

The birthday boy/ girl obviously needs a head pizza chef hat. Ask guests to show up in aprons and chef hats, adding a fake moustache to really get the idea across, and you’ve got a room full of pizza chefs (not that we all have moustaches, it just adds to the fun). If you want to go all out, throw in some chequered trousers and a red bandana around your neck!