At Cosmo’s, pizza is our passion, and this passion is shared worldwide! From people grabbing a slice in NYC to crafting traditional thin crusts in the kitchens of Italy, pizza is one of those foods that brings us together.

The Science

‘People love pizza’ is not just an opinion; it’s science. When the basic ingredients are mixed, there are special properties that cause a chemical reaction when baked.

It all begins with the dough, a basic mix of flour, salt, yeast and warm water. When these ingredients are mixed together, the yeast reacts with the water, breaking down complex sugars in the flour. This produces carbon dioxide, which makes the dough rise.

Moving onto the sauce: this adds yet another layer of temptation as the contrast between smooth sauce and crisp dough makes your mouth begin to water. Last but certainly not least, the cheese brings pizza together as a truly irresistible bite, throwing protein into the mix.

Pizza for every occasion

Pizza is the perfect food for any occasion and any meal! Be it a picnic, a bite for breakfast or even a party, it’s guaranteed to please.

Pizza love is not limited to the usual occasions; we’ve even seen a few pizza wedding cakes appearing recently!

In a hurry

For when you just don’t have the time, pizza is (again) the answer. For a quick and easy meal for one, enjoy our delightful Pizza Uno!