At Cosmo’s pizza is what we live for so this month we’re exploring the pizza celebrations and events around the world! That’s right, pizza is so popular people are running, dancing and singing for their slice.

First we go to the Big Apple for a famous NYC slice… but we can’t forget our running shoes. Every year people flock to participate in the Pizza Run, running two miles and eating three slices of pizza at checkpoints along the way.

Now we’re hopping over to Tokyo to join the Tokyo Pizza Lovers at one of their tasting events. Hundreds of groups such as this have formed to share their love of pizza!

How could we not include Pizzafest in Naples?! In true Italian tradition, chefs gather with friends and family to cook, eat and enjoy the beautiful Italian summer. This ten day celebration of Italy’s most famous export is not to be missed!

Coming back to the UK, there are too many food challenges to count! From the metre pizza in Swindon to the 27” pizza challenge in Glasgow, have you attempted any of these mammoth feasts?

And we’re sure you’ve all seen various adaptations of the pizza dance! It may look silly but you’ve got to love sharing the jig together as a global pizza-loving community. After all, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Some wise words from one of the greats, James Beard.