Here at Cosmo’s we know the importance of being able to appeal to everyone, that’s why we’ve been continuously expanding our range of pizzas! Now that you’ve been introduced to the Pizzini, the Pizza Uno and our healthy wholemeal base option, we thought we’d go back to basics (or in some cases not so basic) and tell you all about our pizza toppings.

Pizzas are our life so we use only the finest Scottish ingredients and each pizza is hand crafted using traditional Italian methods. Be it the indulgent three cheese or the favourite on Facebook, Haggis, our pizzas are all topped with smooth tomato sauces from old family recipes. Adding to the heavenly ingredients are Cosmo’s friends: McLelland Mature, McLelland Seriously Strong, Orkney Mature, Macsween Haggis and Simon Howie Butchers.

Our range of toppings aims to put a smile on everyone’s face and we know the world is full of fussy eaters, it’s a family thing! So whether you’re the spicy BBQ chicken type or more of a carnivore (who can say no to pepperoni?), we’ve got something for you at Cosmo’s.

Enjoy our selection of tempting pizzas… Which will you choose? Have a look at our pizzas.