I was at dinner round my papa’s this weekend – he served up a spicy Cannelloni al Forno Fra Diavolo.  Supremely hot but delicious (for those that can handle the heat).  I asked for a “not so hot” portion to be made separate so I may function later on in life.  Now my papa, instead of being a spineless, subservient chef and complying to my outrageous demands, Diavolo went ahead and, as you can guess, he totally ignored me.  I like that. That shows a real strength and belief in your vision. The unwillingness to compromise or waver in your certainty that you know what’s best for your guests.  My papa has a level of artistic integrity that is rare, and the fact that it exists in a little kitchen in Gullane is a testament to the spirit and resilience of the human desire to create.  It brings to mind inspirational figures like Gandhi and Mandela, standing fast in the face of public opinion, refusing to budge no matter what. People and government are telling them what to do and they simply ignore them because they have a higher calling. Congratulations Papa, your legacy and example of fearless defiance will live on in the countless people who’s requests you totally ignore, regardless of how much it disrupts their bathroom cycle.