With summer fast-approaching everyone knows it’s BBQ time!

I have discovered from my crazy relatives in the good-ol US of A a nice piece of kit called The Baking Steel.  It is revolutionizing the home BBQ pizza.  Its so simple, yet so effective in its design.  Its 1cm thick sheet of steel, it takes the place of a traditional baking stone, offering better thermal properties (it both conducts heat faster and stores more heat energy per unit volume than a pizza stone), and is a more robust design (good luck ever breaking this thing).


After 45 minutes to an hour you should be at optimum temp (225C +) for pizza baking.  The pies will only take 2-3 minutes tops.

If you are a city-dweller who does not have a BBQ, let alone a back garden – there is always the smart alternative…  Cosmos Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Enjoy the weather folks whilst we can, because we do after all, live in Blighty.