Happy Bank holiday Monday! Just wanted to share a wee letter we recently received from loyal customer and friend of Cosmo’s Pizzas.

 Hi Cosmo

 I have an almost 4 year old son called Cosmo! We live in Bonnyrigg and love your pizzas (we like Haggis and the kids the Triple Cheese!) We’ve only just realised how close your factory is and so my son asked if we could come and see it. We just took a drive up and he liked seeing the sign and the van but was asking to come inside. I told him it was closed and he asked if he could come back another time. I said I’d ask, so here it is. Would we be able to come and visit with Cosmo and see another Cosmo, and of course the factory where the pizzas are made.

 Really hope you’ll say yes.
 Thank you.
 Joanne Macdougall

 As Simon Cowell always says, 1 million % YES!  We are a family business who cares about our community and we would love to have you and Cosmo come along for a tour. Hopefully, our Chairman and my father, Cosmo Snr. will be here that day too.


Cosmo Jnr.