In cooking – the carrot is part of the “holy trinity” in a mire poix (a combination of celery, onions, and carrots.) There are many regional mirepoix variations, which can sometimes be just one of these ingredients, or include additional spices. Mirepoix, raw, roasted or sautéed with butter or olive oil, is the flavour base for a wide variety of dishes, such as stocks, soups, stews and sauces (including pizza sauce). The three ingredients are commonly referred to as aromatics.

This member of the parsley family has lots of interesting facts about it! Did you know that the carrot was first grown for medicine, not food?   As early as the 10th century people were using the wild carrot to ease childbirth for women.

But there has been controversy over the well-known notion that carrots can improve your eyesight.  There are different types of carrot too.  We have the baby (or mini) carrot, the imperator, the Nantes and the Chantenay!  And we all know the popular Danvers carrot famously sported by Bugs Bunny!

Carrots have had a more serious role to play too.  During WW2, pilots were told to eat carrots to improve their eyesight!  But there has been controversy over whether they really have the power to do this. Because carrots contain beta carotene that the liver absorbs and turns into vitamin A – that is then absorbed by the retinas, some doctors believe that it can help.

So – become a carrot ambassador this April!   Why not host a carrot party?  Treat your guests to carrot-themed snacks, carrot juice and carrot shots!  and if they still have room, treat them to carrot cake afterwards!  Remember to tell your guests that must all come in orange (not a problem in the UK, with all the fake tan everywhere!)

So let’s not take the humble carrot for granted.  As one of my childhood heroes used to say…. “What’s up Doc?”