Firstly, allow me to apologise for the ongoing neglect of this blog which, were it a child, would almost certainly have been confiscated by social services by now and given a new life as sacrificial fodder for an Isle Of Colonsay fishing cult. But I have been busy becoming Scotland’s 4th best battle rapper, tending to my castle in Bonnyrigg, and generally having what I gather some people call “a life.”  Under such circumstances, it’s only natural that I should be provoked back into the pizza blogging game due to circumstances beyond my control (four legs – think Champion, Trigger, Silver, Black Beauty), to cut a long story short it goes a little something like this….

I know it’s not easy, but lets talk about Horsemeat…  All you need to know from us to you that there is ZERO traces of horse, zebra, donkey, mule, hinny, ass, zony or pony (anything of the equine persuasion) in our pizzas!  Enough said!

Normal service can now resume.  Please eat your Cosmos Pizzas with confidence.