As civilisation advances, technology, science, thinking and philosophy increase exponentially. Do we fear that the machines are taking over?  Not when it comes to Pizzinni!  We have captured one of the most powerful machines own formidable weapons (I can’t give away our secret) to help us in the war against rubbish pizza.

Under the guidance of our fearless leader and his team of crack brainiacs and tooled up bakers all assembled in Bonnyrigg – we bring to you out there in Secondary School-land – the best hand-held solution for your food-on-the-go needs, the PIZZINNI.  “What is a Pizzinni?” I hear you say.. Well a Pizzinni is a stuffed pizza with fresh mozzarella & neopolitan tomato sauce.  A mini-calzone if you will.

We want you to eat something that taste’s great and is no mess or fuss to handle when you are on the go.  Pizzinni in one hand, smart-phone in the other, and life is good.  All is well in the universe.