What a weekend! Tesco invited us to bring our Pizza Tour to join the SNP conference in Perth! We certainly didn’t need the Chief Whip to organise the conference attendees into an orderly line – our delicious pizza slices where flying off the Van as soon as we rolled up!

You’ll never guess who visited the Van – none other than the First Minister his First Lady, Moira! He loved our pizzas, especially the Haggis! After learning of the link between Cosmo’s and my Dad’s former restaurant on North Castle Street in Edinburgh, both Mr and Mrs Salmond said they had fond memories of visiting the then Cosmo Restaurant – how nice was that!

Next, The Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, appeared to check out what was causing all the excitement. Nicola was fascinated to hear all about about our pizza business and thought our national Pizza Tour is a brilliant idea!

Thanks to the Cosmo’s Pizza Tour team for making the event really memorable and to all you lovely people at the conference who loved Cosmo’s pizza – Grazie mille!